… about triptychon

each motive based on my sketches,
developed over the years.

digital creativ art
canvas + acrylic
mixed media

art prints on canvas using the giclée method /
10-12 colours pigment print

finished handwriting of each picture
by the artist with acryl-painting

follow the submenue of each individual picture…

the cancer-triptychon motif originated in 1967 and was not considered by me for decades. until i was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in 2021. a year earlier my wife was successfully treated for breast cancer and is, like me now, on the road to recovery – the cancer has been defeated for the time being!

the church-triptychon is supposed to represent my dealing with the topic abuse and ignorance towards the victims from the christian church. still the perpetrators are not punished and that makes me very angry !