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some designs may offend your religious or other sensibilities

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most of my works are designed as a series.

…about politicoons

these politicoons  (politic + icons + cartoon) are and were my small contribution to the events of the time that touched me deeply. the few examples show my way of dealing with the respective topic.

mostly created as a drawings, which was then modified on the computer. some motifs were created as stickers and/or buttons.


year of creation
1967 – 2021

please use my politicoons !
all interested persons, groups or organisations have the permission to take these icons and use them for their own purposes in websites, printouts or any other media.
i would be grateful if you
would just mention my
copyright: © by

if you are interested, please write to me and i will send you the download-link.

different formats
available only digital
no printouts