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…about animals

the creation of an animal sculpture from templates, photos or videos is, depending on the motif and processing is a greater effort than creating a relief.

also here are your ideas almost
no limits! even from difficult templates it is possible,
with the appropriate image and 3d-processing to prepare an appealing result.

and the traditional handicraft in the sculptor’s workshop gives the relief its final artistic appearance.


any size

all works are copyrighted and
are subject to privacy protection.
therefore i can only show
the released works here.

contact me
ask in your environment and
circle of acquaintances for
heaving such a sculpture



labor base
3d-scans and / or photos are first worked into a 3d-form in the computer, which then goes to the 3d-printing company.

production technology
3d-printing built up layer by layer with special quartz sand
and then hardened with resins will have the same consistency like sandstone – only more durable

traditional handwork
after the 3d print is in my atelier, the object gets its final touch with traditional handwork.

patina technique
final product hardened inside and outside with 2k-polyurethane /
uv- and weather protection corresponding patina of the original is applied

different patinas possible:
clay /white-granite / bronze / copper / silver / gold

there are always real metal particles in the patina emulsion.
gold is also available with 24 carat powder gold.
color shades may vary due to hand application. the relief material consists of sand or fine granules, which are hardened by special resins
hardened by special resins so that it is weatherproof and durable.

all reliefs and sculptures are unique – and are created in the workshop of sculptor uwe b.patzke and signed.


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