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…about citymodel

based on corresponding scan / 3d / survey data and photos, we first create a digital model of the complete city. everything is then printed in the desired scale in an appropriately dimensioned 3d printing machine and then finished / colored / patinated by hand.

a city model illustrates the layout of a city in 3-dimensions and is used again and again for evaluation for further development. the segmentation we have developed makes it all the easier to handle.

new developments are simply transferred to the respective segment and exchanged with the old element.

this way, decision makers always have a real comparison to the previous situation.

scan / 3d / survey data and photos
depending on the filigree usually in half the time of conventional model making


no limits

construction companies
every architectural model facilitates the construction of a new house already in the planning phase. thus our procedure is equally suitable for a single-family house as well as for a complete shopping centre or a whole city.

contact me
ask in your environment and
circle of acquaintances for
heaving such a citymodel
or any other architecture-

working process

labor base
3d-scans and / or photos are first worked into a 3d-form in the computer, which then goes to the 3d-printing company.

production technology
3d-printing built up layer by layer with special quartz sand
and then hardened with resins will have the same consistency like sandstone – only more durable

traditional craft
after the 3d print is in my atelier, the object gets its final touch with traditional handwork.

patina technique
final product hardened inside and outside with 2k-polyurethane /
uv- and weather protection corresponding patina of the original is applied

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