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…about reliefs

according to the specifications of the interior designer, old drawings and plans, 3d-scans of existing objects, ornamental and structural parts are manufactured in such a way that they can be integrated accurately and easily.

style-genuine rooms or buildings are embellished and supplemented so again realistically with replicas. these are treated by the surface and characteristic in such a way that they become part of the environment and are not distinguished from the existing substance (if desired) any more.

large and otherwise heavy structures are built with wall thicknesses and internally braced with structures so that they are easy to transport and assemble.

also an exact production of each dimension is possible with the 3d-construction, so that also in the old building renovation area always the correct surrounding dimensions can be considered.
appropriate building chemical substances ensure the strength and longevity of the structures. sculptures, busts, reliefs of the deceased on the tombstone are also feasible. as a protective layer are also taken construction chemical substances that guarantee high durability and longevity. all objects are made of epoxy hardened sand and are not subject to any limitations in size, shape and finish of the surface.
oversized objects are made from individual pieces and assembled on site with millimeter precision.


labor base
3d-scans and / or photos are first worked into a 3d-form in the computer, which then goes to the 3d-printing company.

traditional handwork
after the 3d print is in my atelier, the object gets its final touch with traditional handwork.

patina technique
final product hardened inside and outside with 2k-polyurethane /
uv- and weather protection corresponding patina of the original is applied

formats : any size

all works are copyrighted and
are subject to privacy protection. therefore i can only show some released works here.

production technology
3d-printing built up layer by layer with special quartz sand and then hardened with resins will have the same consistency like sandstone – only more durable

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