it wasn’t the destruction that drove me to create these pictures, but the lasting shock about the experience that I experienced that lasted until today. I just had to capture and process that for myself and have been working on it, changing, deleting and optimizing it for almost 2 decades. now there are 44 pictures in 8 themes out of a number of more than 120 motifs which represent the aesthetics of destruction.

all pictures are based on polaroids/photos/screenshots which I process digitally before they are printed in glicee with 10-12 colours. each picture is then additionally processed with acrylic and thus gets my handwriting, each picture is unique.

i have also decided on the format 300 x 150 cm, which only gets the right expression through this size.

with the 911-project, the already existing drama in every picture of mine is amplified by an excerpt or by focusing on the essential. also in every picture the light, the hope, is represented by the bright bright zone. because in all darkness there is always light.

at that time I already had the idea to let the spectator walk through an exhibition, which was divided into 8 different themes, which should be supported by a sound corresponding to the mood of the pictures. I told this idea to my son peter, who had recorded it with enthusiasm.

this project was completed
an own composition
by my son peter patzke

peter, who was only 15 years old at the time of the event, has been working on his compositions ever since, changing and improving them as well as me. on the day of termination, we said that we now want to record what we have achieved in our work and thus go public in 2022 for the first time.

watch this video
always in

highest resolution
full loudness