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some art projects are also available in a video. unfortunately not all.

innovative sculptures created in the combination of new technology and traditional handwork.

the way of working
consists of a mix of the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship.
each object is always unique sculpture, which is also signed accordingly.

the result is indistinguishable from a traditional casting or traditional pure sculptural work.

by means of a scanner persons, animals, architecture, objects are taken up. the thereby are further processed with the help of special programs, designed and modeled in 3d modeling programs. the final data is then used to control the milling or 3d printing which produce the finished product in the desired size and material. in the end, all products are at the end, all products are given the final touch and the corresponding surface treatment / handwriting.

but you can view all works that are not available in video on the respective section page as a slideshow.